Poem Of The Now

Poem of the Now presents you with a random poem, written by me, specifically picked for you to enjoy in this one-of-a-kind moment that will never come again! (unless you click a bunch of times)

Poem Of The Now

Pi Day

Today, Mr. Alvarez wanted to talk about pie!
I couldn’t believe it! How lucky a student am I?
So he started speaking in algebra-slang,
While I just kept thinking of lemon meringue
My love of the subject apparently caught his eye.

In only a minute he called me in front of the room
Where, usually, I would be struck with unshakeable doom.
But he chose to talk of the thing that I love?
The treat that I spend all my days thinking of?
He cleverly called in the expert, or so I presume.

He asked if I’d given attention to what was discussed.
Then says “You’ll be able to find the circumference I trust…”
He pulled out his chalk at the board and drew on
The worst looking pie that has ever been drawn.
I accepted and said “Instead, we should call it the crust.'”

“See, I have two brothers that like to eat pie just like me.
I must line the cuts at a very specific degree.
I say ‘Nine-inch pan, nine-inch crust, perfect slice!’
They say, ‘That seems fair and it works out so nice!’
(And it nicely leaves 1.26 more inches for me!)”

Pi Day by Jon Orner