Poem Of The Now

Poem of the Now presents you with a random poem, written by me, specifically picked for you to enjoy in this one-of-a-kind moment that will never come again! (unless you click a bunch of times)

Poem Of The Now

The Snapping GrrrKnack

Have you ever seen the Snapping GrrrKnack?
It looks just like the floor when it lies on it’s back.

It waits for a kid to walk down the hall,
Then SNAP!, eats his dinner, backpack and all.

It’s favorite are kids that are not-quite-too-tallish
Or too roundly or pokey, or pale, wet, and smallish.

In fact, its favorite are roughly your size,
And while it may have an uncanny disguise

Are you sure that you haven’t seen my GrrrKnack?
Cause I left it around here, and I’d like it back.