Poem Of The Now

Poem of the Now presents you with a random poem, written by me, specifically picked for you to enjoy in this one-of-a-kind moment that will never come again! (unless you click a bunch of times)

Poem Of The Now


There is a land
That you can see
Where nothing’s banned
And all is free
You sit or stand
Or bend on knees
Or fly you can
Above the trees
The ship is manned
But waits for thee
The trip’s unplanned
‘Til you agree
In this place where dreams are canned
And cans can dance at your decree

And in this zone
This large estate
That’s made of stone
Or dinner plates
Or trees unknown
Both small and great
But overgrown
Over the gates
Your thoughts are thrown
High and straight
Upon a throne
To head the state
And rule the world you call your own
Employ the place that you create!

For you we send
This information
And we extend
This invitation
Won’t you attend