Poem Of The Now

Poem of the Now presents you with a random poem, written by me, specifically picked for you to enjoy in this one-of-a-kind moment that will never come again! (unless you click a bunch of times)

Poem Of The Now

Edward and the Mannequin

“A double-jump and there, I win!”
Said Edward to the mannequin.
“I won at chess and marbles, too,
and jumping rope looked hard for you.

“You couldn’t get your kite to fly.
You couldn’t skip, but did you try?
And can you say you gave your all
Without one shot in basketball?

“I raced you to the tree and back—
That time I was defeated.
But isn’t there a tiny chance
That possibly you cheated?

“I would have won at Battleship,
But you were too afraid.
So then I won at Go Fish! twice
And three times at Old Maid.

“I won at almost everything,
But still, I’m quite impressed.
No matter how I try and try,
You win the stare contest.”

This poem was selected for my book!