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Happy Valentines’ Day!

Okay, so first things first, today was one of those days where Kelly absolutely floored me with her generosity and love, but in a totally different way than a standard Valentines’ day gift. Instead of going out to a dinner, a movie, giving each other cards – she introduced me to the fashion district downtown and helped find the needed fabric to make this cactus come together. Not everyone would be generous enough to spend Valentines’ Day working on a project this big, tedious, and messy but she did and it truly meant the world to me.

Huggable, squishable, soft, green vertical striped upholstery fabric.

This upholstery fabric would probably look terrible anywhere else, but for a huggable cactus? PERFECT.

So: Fashion District!! I had never been down to the fashion district in LA before but it’s a lot of fun. There’s an unbelievable number of shops selling countless fabrics by the yard. We ended up having the most success at Michael Levine. We picked up batting (the stuff you’d put inside a pillow or teddy bear), a stretchable cotton/poly blend for the interior fabric, and the most magical find of all: an upholstery fabric that could not be more perfect.

Yeah, we bought them out! (This awesome picture taken by my awesome fiancée - @kellyismyname)

Yeah, we bought them out! (This awesome picture taken by my awesome fiancée – @kellyismyname)

With the shopping complete, the next few days are going to involve a LOT of sewing…


Next up: a LOT of sewing…

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