Well, Happy Happy Birthday
But whatever you do
Please don’t make the same mistake
As poor Simon McGrew

He wished his biggest birthday wish
Took the biggest breath that he could take
And before he’d known it, he’d gone and blown it…
The icing off the cake!

Poor Grandpa on the other end
Was covered with the stuff
But the bigger concerns were his friends taking turns
Complaining that their cake was tough

When the birthday bash was over
And his friends had all gone home
Simon found an iced finger, and doubts started to linger
About where Grandpa had gone…

When they realized what had happened
The family was quite amiss
Simon started to cry, his mother asked why
“Because I didn’t get my wish!”

Well, Happy Happy Birthday
But whatever you do
Don’t make the same old cake-mistake
As poor Simon McGrew.

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