Hey all. Life update!

So, as some of you know, I’ve had the recent opportunity to move into a new role, working at Nickelodeon. I am so excited to be working with so many amazing creatives, and one of the incredible opportunities has been to start directing.

Working with a number of brilliant people to devise creative that works and a remote production plan for the shoot that involved shipping cameras, lights, and a single (COVID tested) production person to our talents’ homes , we were able to flim two episodes of a brand new series that will live on the Nickelodeon YouTube channel AND wherever you get your podcasts.

The LEGO Friends Podcast is a really fun project where we got Nicole Laeno and Jordan Williams “together” to chat and play games. The conversations are real, and really funny – and the games? Have you ever played “Eat It or Wear It?”

Yeah, a sleeve scarf. It’s a sclarf!

Jordan Williams and Nicole Laeno

Both Jordan and Nicole were a joy to work with and I’m so thrilled with the way both episodes turned out.

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