Some kids that i’ve seen
Make a whole stinking scene
About having a mother that mothers too much.

But i wouldn’t offend
If i was one of them
And had me a mother that mothered too much.

It would be kind of nice
To only hear twice
To be careful from mother who mothers too much.

But my family’s older
So i’m grabbed by the shoulder
And mothered by mother who mothers too much,
And grandmothered by grandmother who grandmothers too much,
And greatgrandmothered by greatgrandmother who greatgrandmothers too much,
And greatgreatgrandmothered by greatgreatgrandmother who greatgreatgrandmothers too much,
And greatgreatgreatgrandmothered by greatgreatgreatgrandmother who greatgreatgreatgrandmothers too much!

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