Poet, Show It! Submission Page

I love to read awesome poems, and celebrate amazing poets of all ages! If you’d like to see your original poem featured on an episode of Poet, Show It! – you’re in the right place!

File Upload and Poem Submission Guidelines:

The form below asks for poems to be submitted via file upload. This form will accept text documents, pdf’s , but the preferred method is a picture of the original written poem, as opposed to text. This is so everyone gets to see the amazing handwritten work, the poem’s shape, and any accompanying art that the poet may have drawn.

The submission form works on a mobile device which is often the easiest way to capture and upload the picture/s (up to three).

While capturing the image, please do your best to follow the below guidelines. It will help me make sure that I can share the poem and that everyone’s poem looks amazing!

Please Do

  • Take the picture from directly above, like you are scanning a document.
  • Make sure the image is well lit.
  • Check the image to make sure the poem is readable in the picture.
  • Upload multiple images (up to three) to get all the pages of the poem, or any original art that might accompany it.

Please Do Not

  • Please do not include the poet (or other people) in the picture.
  • Please do not hold the poem up or take the picture at a significant angle.
  • Please do not submit images of any work that is not completely original (No favorite toys or a collage of magazine photos as accompanying art).

The Submission Form

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