“Nathan, please take out the trash.
It’s right by the back door”
“In a minute”, he told his mom.
“Just let me play a little more”

And so he played for another minute
But his minute turned morning, then afternoon
“Nathan! Won’t you please come here?
I need you to take these red balloons!”

“They’re for Mrs. Finderschnikkel,
I’m sure you’ve heard how she’s been ill.”
“Just one more minute,” Nathan mumbled
“I’m almost done and then I will.”

“And Nathan please return this shovel,
To Mr. Cross across the street”
Another hour passed but still,
Nathan hadn’t moved his feet.

“A big box of socks to go to Ms. Lox,
And also, a fan that needs fixin’!”
With Nathan still playing, Mom just kept saying,
“Please take it to old Mr. Dixon.”

“This picture goes to Mr. Richter
And Barnaby forgot his hat!”
Nathan looked up and told his mom
“I’ll take care of all of that”

“A deck of cards to Mr. Dekkin”
“Okay mother, in a second”

“And Daniel wants his baseball mitt”
“Alright mom, in a bit”

Now when his dad got home from work,
He saw how the pile had grown.
“Nathan, it’s time to do it now,
And take the mail out when you go”

So Nathan got up to do his chores,
But the pile had gotten tall and thick
“I’ll just do it all at once,”
said Nathan, “That’ll be real quick”

“Nathan, careful…” warned his mother
“You could always make a couple trips”
But Nathan sputtered as he lifted the clutter
‘Mom, it’s already ten to six!”

So he picked up the shovel, box, picture, and cards,
The fan, hat, trash, balloons, and the baseball mitt.
“Don’t forget the mail!” reminded his father
As he set down the letters on all of it

“No problem” Nate said, but his face grew red
And his arms began to wobble
“P-p-please open the door”, he squeaked just before
The whole bundle began to topple

“Now, poor Nathan tried to save it,
But he just couldn’t avoid the disaster”
His father will say, if asked today
“It sure wasn’t any faster”

“I truly hope he learned his lesson,
And his mother hopes so too.
But we’ll never know, as he’s stuck below
All the things he didn’t do.”

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