Today’s the day! We shipped 250 books out today to our amazing Kickstarter backers! Caroline and the team at my local Post Office are rockstars. (Though I’m not allowed to take pictures inside the post office so we don’t get to see them) I completely filled the rolling cart 5 1/2 times and hung out for about two and a half hours while we got them all out! Looking forward to what people have to say about the book.

cart of books

This was the final cart – this is not full. There were 5 full carts before this.

Sending out the book, putting a mark of completion on the project was an emotional moment. It was kind of hard to let go and let everything move on. As I take on and tackle projects that are meaningful to me, I find myself confronted by unexpected emotions. My brain asks, “why is it difficult to mail out a book I’ve been championing for eight months?” but I feel it anyway.

By sending it out, I’m moving on to the next chapter, a place that is foreign to me. Selling books, pitching them to bookstores, tracking reviews – this is all brand new. I have to let go of this odd comfort of being in a place I have been for so long. And honestly, maybe there is fear that the book won’t be as well received as I want it to be.

But it’s done. It’s out. And I’m moving forward, like it or not.

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