“Are you feeling any better yet?”,
Said Phillip to poor Kelly,
Who was hot and cold and grey and green,
And had an upset belly.

She had a cough, she had a wheeze
Her hair was falling off her head,
She had tiny bumps on both her knees,
That were turning white to red.

When she talked, she sounded hoarse,
When she walked, she’d fall,
And when she tried to blow her nose,
It came out her ears if it came out at all.

In bed, she couldn’t fall asleep,
Outside, she couldn’t stay awake,
She couldn’t keep her thoughts together,
She couldn’t make her fever break.

Her ears were hot, her tongue was tied,
Her eyes were yellow, orange, and pink,
She looked at Phillip, and replied
“I don’t know, what do you think?”

What Do You Think?

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