If I were a Seuss
I wonder what I would write:
I could write about Bloos,
And his blue-ribboned kite,
In a place where the gelpers all yelp through the night,
So the meepers must sleep with their shutters shut tight.

I could write of the incredible Hairport of Henich
Whose hair-planes fly from the heads of the curly-haired Stenich
Departing and landing at other Stenich hair-stations
Carrying the Veft that have left on vacations.

Oh, what would I write if I were a Seuss?
I could tell the tale of the triple-necked goose.
How she sits at the gates of Knuflusian Knoll
While the Nettles make necklaces to pay her the toll.

I could tell of the King,
The King of Ker-Pling!
Who rides all day long on his giant Sling Swing!
And riding, he sings while he flings the Tings rings,
For he’s the silliest king that Ker-Pling’s ever seen.

Oh, if I were a Seuss, oh the wonders I’d write,
That you’d read to yourself with a little flashlight.
All the visions of sillies that dance loud and bright,
If I were a Seuss, but I’m not, so good night.