The potatoes have eyes
And to my surprise,
The corn has ears as well,

And on my walks,
The celery stalks,
As far as I can tell.

It’s true, I dread
The lettuce head
My way but I’m in denial.

I’m in constant fear
Of the vegetables here,
Here in the produce aisle.

I am no longer afraid of the dark, Not afraid in the tiniest bit.
Turn off the switches throughout all the house, And I won’t even ask you to quit.
Even if power went out through the town, I would fearlessly stay right there in it,
Though I’d never embark, I’ve no fear of the dark, It’s the things I can’t see that are in it.


Teddy is a bear, you know.
A monster that could tear you so.
He’ll rip through tents with fearsome paws,
(Please never mind they have no claws).
You’ll run and scream from one so tough,
(Clothed seam to seam in a coat of fluff).
His fierce attacks! (are soft to touch).
The great beast roars! “I love you bear-y much.”

See the bear,
Be the bear,
And flee the bear too.

When danger burns
And anger turns
And licks its chops at you…

Burn it right back
Turn and attack
And end it ‘fore it’s coup.

But hold your claws
And think, on pause,
And turn and walk, when due.