Book Packing All-Star Team

Check out this all-star team!

What an awesome day! Some amazing friends came out to the office to help Spencer and I pack up the majority of the Kickstarter packages. All together, we got about 250 books ready to go, and ate some pizza while we were at it.

From the beginning, the Kickstarter that brought this book to life has been incredibly affirming – seeing the people around you contribute their money, their time, and their efforts to help Spencer and I succeed has been life changing.

Anyway, if you contributed to the Kickstarter, keep an eye on your mailboxes because your books are going to be there very soon!!

I went to visit my dear Pap and
Left behind a baseball cap and
Didn’t worry when it happened

I took with me a cowboy hat when
I hung out with my friend Matt, then
Left behind that western fashion.

I hung out with Jan and Jeannie,
Left behind my yellow beanie,
Ran home smiling (should’ve seen me).

Hanging out with Sam was swell, met
Steve and Sarah both as well, yet
Walked away without my helmet.

You might find it odd or random
The head-wear that I abandon
At Bill’s and Brenda’s and at Brandon’s.

But truly the fact of the case is
I leave hats in lot of places
So I have homes in lots of spaces
Around lots of friendly faces.