Hey all! TheKickstarterPackageWe’ll have these books heading out very soon, just wanted to give you a heads up on what that package is going to look like!

We can’t wait to get these out of our office and into your hands! The packing party is this weekend and we’ll be sending them out early next week!


What if a cactus felt really bad?
Hurt and depressed and truly quite sad?

Feeling unwelcome or feeling unliked,
Not feeling like dealing with being all spiked.

The desert might not be a whole lot of fun.
A tumbleweed isn’t much conversation.

What if it started to share all its fears?
Cry a small cry with its cactus-juice tears?

What if it gave all your heartstrings a tug?
Could you do the deed, could you give it a hug?

This poem was selected for my book!