There’s a crack in the fence where the sun squeezes through
And it travels across my lawn,
Shrinks away in the east at the end of the day,
Reappears in the west at dawn.

It reliably glides past the tree and the slide
Over things that weren’t put away
And the path it’s arranged seems to me quite unchanged
From day to unwavering day.

It would visit each morn long before I was born
And will visit long after I’m gone
And it’s hard to pretend that one couldn’t contend
It’s the visitor that owns the lawn.

Though there’s a lot we argue ’bout,
(It’s rare we’re eye-to-eye),
There’s one thing that I think you’ll think
Is quite hard to deny.

Of all the folks in all the world,
(I’m sure you will agree),
A fumbling funambulist,
Is an awful one to be.

Do you have a dance you like to do
When the music gets a hold of you?

Do you like to lift your knees real high?
Do you jump around, pretend to fly?

Do you like to shake your hips around
While you slide your feet along the ground?

Do you like to give a shoulder shake?
Do you wiggle like a giant snake?

Do you air drum like you’re in the band?
Oh? You say you would rather stand?

Well I’m sure that is permitted too
But excuse me, I’ve a dance to do.

Wiggles the worm
Squiggled and squirmed
To get to the surface as fast as he could.

He heard the rain calling
And when water was falling
The surface got wet and the rumors were good.

So he followed some friends
As they turned ’round the bends
To get up above and in to the drizzle.

It was a great deal of fun
Until out came the sun,
And Wiggles and all of his friends heard a sizzle…

Grand Pap Sam and Grammy Pam Amily,
Planned a grand family slam for the Amily family.
First on hand, man Stan and his ma’am Ann,
In command, all man in his tan sedan.
Then, crammed Graham with his grand clan,
Jan, Cam, Anna, Dan in their minivan.
The clan on hand, Pap Sam began,
“Can I please seize your attention span?
For lunch, Gram Pam made yams with ham,
And lamb with clam jam just for Graham,
But stick one tick, let’s click a pic of the family.
I’ll land my cam on a stand to cram in every Amily.”
And Sam’s cam snapped a grand family shot,
This Amily family reunion won’t soon be forgot.

I am no longer afraid of the dark, Not afraid in the tiniest bit.
Turn off the switches throughout all the house, And I won’t even ask you to quit.
Even if power went out through the town, I would fearlessly stay right there in it,
Though I’d never embark, I’ve no fear of the dark, It’s the things I can’t see that are in it.