Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you,
Thank you all for coming.
I thought it was swell,
I hope you did as well,
And the stories – they sure were something.

Mr. Barnett told the funniest jokes.
I laughed ’til I split my side.
And Suzanne McHale and her heart-breaking tale,
Caused the women to wail,
And I nearly cried.

The dinner was perfect – as the Cramton’s had promised,
The turkey and gravy – quite fine,
And I must relate that the chocolates we ate –
I heard they were great –
I found them divine.

It was fun from the start,
From the first game of darts,
To the pool that we played,
And the muffins we made,
The twelve games of cards,
The walks through my yard,
The discussions of law,
The movie we saw,
The pictures we drew,
And our trip to the zoo,
I’ve had a fine time, and I hope you have too.

I’m quite pleased I invited you all for dinner
You’re wonderful friends, and I’ve meant all I’ve said,
I truly abhor,
to show you the door,
But you’ve been here for days, and I must go to bed!!!