Poet Show It Episode 8 No Rules Just Tools

There are NO RULES in poetry. You can write what you want, how you want, where you want! But there are some useful tools that can help make your poems more powerful…

In this episode of Poet, Show It!, Phil celebrates poems from four incredible poets as they each use some poetry tools especially well.

Pop’s Penguin Picture by KC Miller
My Playset by Parker
Our Pet by Sydney & Rachel
Fishy by Aaron

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Poet Show It Episode 7 Celebrate What's Great

Taking the time to celebrate the things we enjoy can be super powerful – it puts us in a great mood, gives us lots of poetry ideas, and it can be REALLY FUN!

In this episode of Poet, Show It!, Phil celebrates poems from four incredible poets as they each celebrate something in their life that they love!

Pink Blankie by Sophie
Bike Ride by Gabes
Dogs and Cats by V
Candy by Cloudy

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I’m incredibly excited to announce that I will be collaborating with Lake Orion Community Schools to kick off Poet, Show It!, a new series made specifically to highlight all of the incredible poets out there – like you, and you, and YOU.

I started the channel very recently, while author visits and readings are not possible, in an effort to find an engaging way to reach out to students. It will feature videos with me reading my own poetry (Phil Writes Poems), poetry tips and tools (Poetry Workshop) and of course, Poet, Show It!

The show is a natural extension of my annual digital author visits with the 2nd graders at Stadium Drive Elementary in Lake Orion, MI – and I can’t wait to start reading!

Students, with their parents’ help, can submit their poems HERE


The potatoes have eyes
And to my surprise,
The corn has ears as well,

And on my walks,
The celery stalks,
As far as I can tell.

It’s true, I dread
The lettuce head
My way but I’m in denial.

I’m in constant fear
Of the vegetables here,
Here in the produce aisle.

It’s the way that they stand
With a bit of a slump.

It’s the way that they act
Like their head’s got a bump.

How they chop your idea
Right on down to a stump.

That’s when you know
You’ve discovered a GRUMP.