The Big Honk

Spencer and I teamed up again, this time for a romp through the universe called The Big Honk. This 64 page collection of original poetry paired with Spencer’s incredible hand-painted illustrations is built to the same high-quality standards as Could You Hug A Cactus?, but with far more poems about stars, spaceships, aliens, and black holes!

The physical book is hard-cover, wrapped in dark blue fabric with bronze foil. We were so proud of the way Cactus turned out, we knew our second book had to be just as nice – and it is.

The poetry for the book revolves around themes of exploring the universe around us and realizing that we are an integral part of the universe we are exploring. We share atoms, ideas, and hopefully a whole lot of love. It also gives some very good advice about avoiding black holes. It’s silly, it’s heartfelt, and we hope it finds a beloved spot in the bedtime rotation.

Art for “I Built Myself A Spaceship”

As if it were possible, Spencer’s art for The Big Honk probably surpasses the beautiful work he did for our first book. His alien characters are adorable, his “found object spaceship” is incredibly detailed, and the full-page spreads of space – including nebulas and constellations – are stunning.

You can see the paint strokes in his work, and these are the kinds of details that we hope help make the book feel like a keepsake.

Art for “Don’s ‘Stellations”

Spencer and I are so proud of the way this book came together, and very happy to finally have it available.