About a month ago I received an email from Think!Kid!Think!, Ed DeCaria’s incredible blog. By the way, this place is awesome. It’s all about children’s poetry, but he doesn’t only have his poems, he also has a poetry comparison tool he uses called POEMETRICS™, a great community of other children’s poets, and even a March Madness poetry competition.

The Final 2014 Results

So, I get this email from Ed’s blog stating that he is accepting submissions from potential competitors for this year’s March Madness contest. It takes me all of 2 seconds to click through to sign up for that, of course. As a proud Michigan State Spartan, I know a little something about competing in March (GO GREEN!), and since my childhood dream of being a supremely gifted 6’6″ shooting guard with range and unparalleled defensive intensity hasn’t panned out, I figured I might as well compete in something I love AND have the skill set for.

One of the questions that it asks in the application is for 2-8 lines of poetry why you’ll win the contest. I was proud of my response answer, at once boastful and nerdy, which seemed to be what he was asking for…

See my finger-tip pushups on my laptop keyboard.
Watch my tinkering thinks reword for your reward. 
Let me verb it out with scores of other nouns, proper. 
I turn phrases to first places. I am the rhyme-dropper.
So, I turned it all in…


…and was selected! Out of millions of submissions (disclaimer: I actually have no proof that Ed received millions of submissions) I was chosen! And given a #15 seed!

While Ed claims that the seeding is random, I’m pretty sure that Ed read my poem and couldn’t shake the image of Florida Gulf Coast circa 2013 dunking their way into the Sweet 16. Understandable. I get that a lot.

That’s a pretty good representation of my poetry skills, complete with facial expression

So I’m in the Tourney! I’m given a word, and then 36 hours to submit my poem. That’s when you come in! Each matchup is decided by three different votes: the authlete vote (those of us competing), the classroom vote (That’s kids in classrooms. You know, like school. Really? Never mind. I’ll explain later.) and the public vote! You’ll have the opportunity to vote for your favorite poem in each of the matchups.

I am really really excited to be a part of #MMPoetry 2015. I’m looking forward to my first-round match-up with Ryan Stockton, and will leave it all on the court. Thank you! I hope you’ll follow the #MMPoetry competition, I hope you’ll vote for your favorite poems in my match-ups as well as the others, and I can’t wait to get started!

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  1. Kelly on March 7, 2015 at 10:03 pm said:

    Amazing! Can’t wait!

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